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Test Preparation

SAT/ACT Sense offers one-on-one or small group tutoring for the PSAT/SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, and academic subjects, in your home, and on your schedule. Tutoring lessons can also be scheduled at local libraries, after school facilities, and community centers. Before tutoring lessons begin, your student will take an initial Diagnostic Test to help identify his/her strengths and weaknesses. An individual assessment plan is created and lessons are tailored to your student’s learning style. At SAT/ACT Sense we take our work very seriously and are committed to seeing your student reach his/her goals.

One-on-One Private Tutoring
This is our most exclusive tutoring service, and is specifically tailored to your student’s needs. Unlike classroom courses, your student will be the tutor’s sole focus and you will have the tutor’s undivided attention. Your student will be more engaged during the lessons and more responsible for homework, assignments, and practice tests. Your tutor will help your child build testing confidence, work on time management, raise their test scores, and reach their full potential.

Small Group Tutoring
From two to five students, who will work with a trained and experienced tutor that will help assess the needs of the group as well as each individual student. Active participation is encouraged by all students to help create an interactive learning environment that builds confidence and motivation. Group tutoring is more cost effective when compared to one-on-one.

Tutoring Packages

14 Lesson Package
Includes 14 two hour lessons for a total of 28 hours of tutoring and two proctored practice tests. This package is ideal for students who need to focus on one subject area or who are close to their target test scores. Ideal for preparing for one test (SAT or ACT).

22 Lesson Package
Includes 22 two hour lessons for a total of 44 hours of tutoring and three proctored practice tests. This is our most popular package and is best suited for students who need to learn test taking strategies as well as an overall understanding of the content on the test. Ideal for the SAT, ACT or both.

30 Lesson Package
Includes 30 two hour lessons for a total of 60 hours of tutoring and four proctored practice tests. This package is best for sophomores or juniors just starting to prepare for the tests or for students who plan to take both the SAT and the ACT.

Individual Lessons
Purchase one lesson at a time with no commitment. Buy as many or as few lessons as you would like. Payment is due at each lesson.

Group Tutoring: Two to Five students
We offer reduced rates for group tutoring. The rate is adjusted based on the number of students in the group. We advise that each member in the group have comparable skill sets.

  • 14 Lessons for a total of 28 hours of tutoring and 2 proctored practice tests.
  • 22 Lessons for a total of 44 hours of tutoring and 3 proctored practice tests.
  • 30 Lessons for a total of 60 hours of tutoring and 4 proctored practice tests.
Demo lesson
We will gladly schedule a one hour demo lesson at no charge to you. This is an informal assessment that will help us gauge your child’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can find the right tutor for your son or daughter based on their personality, work ethic, and skill set. Additionally, one of our college consultants will attend the meeting to introduce the college application process to you and your child.
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