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Success Stories

"Our experience over the years with SAT/ACT Sense has been great. We applaud you and your team and honestly believe they have all had a great impact on our children in terms of academic performance, college entrance exams, and eventually, college choices. Our daughter has decided to attend the University of San Diego after being accepted into almost all the schools she applied to. Your friendship is greatly appreciated and we look forward to bringing our grandchildren into the program in the very near future.

You can’t get rid of us that easily!"
K. Hennighan, Point Lookout, NY

"My son got his scores and his composite moved up 7 points!  Your team was wonderful, Diana and Casey couldn’t have done more and their upbeat attitude made all the difference. Thank so much for your help and I will definitely let my friends know of your services." 
K. Engelhardt, Rockville Centre, NY

"We are so thrilled with SAT/ACT Sense! Working with their team was an absolute pleasure!  The tutors he provided were excellent and crafted the perfect preparation plan for our daughter to achieve incredible results on her ACT!  Happy to say that with SAT/ACT Sense she was one and done! Thank you SAT/ACT Sense for your dedication to success and attention to detail!"
K. Ryan, Manhasset, NY

"SAT/ACT SENSE was a great choice for my son. The tutors that my child had were absolutely fantastic. They recognized my son's strengths and areas of improvement and enabled him to reach his goals. They were accommodating to my son's busy schedule and were sincerely interested in improving students scores. I will definitely recommend the company to others in the future."
D.W. Manhasset mom 

"Thank you SAT/ACT Sense. With your excellent tutoring and test preparation, my son was able to jump over 200 points for a perfect score on the SATII Biology Subject test! We're looking forward to a great partnership and continued success for the SAT or ACT next year!"
P. Sodi, Manhasset, NY

"As parents, we were impressed the first time we met SAT/ACT Sense; but more importantly my daughter was motivated and "bought in" to the quality of their guidance and methodology.  Our daughter scored well on both the SAT and ACT and her opportunity to work with tutors who excelled in individual areas was a key to her success. SAT/ACT Sense's approach was realistic and concentrated on sharpening my daughter's academic strengths while identifying her weaknesses-the overall result was tremendous growth. We would recommend SAT/ACT Sense without reservation-a sound investment that delivered measurable results."
J. Cristoforo, Garden City, NY

"We came to SAT/ACT Sense on the recommendation of a family member who told us that she wished she had known about the program with her two older children as her youngest had great success with the program. I am happy to say we are another success story. We believe the program and Steve's tutors are the key to our success. The tutors are professional, always prompt, and calm voices of confidence in the stressful college selection process. My son is an athlete with a rigorous academic schedule. The tutors afforded flexibility and know-how to adjust the program to meet his needs and schedule which gave my son the strategies and skills he needed to propel his ACT score 9 points on the composite score and 10 points on the super score! My son felt confident enough with the test scores he achieved in his Junior year that he was able to say he was DONE with that part of the selection process.  My son was admitted to his first choice school, Tufts University. Although he had not seen or spoken to his SAT/ACT tutors in 7 months, he immediately sent them a text with his exciting news! They had been there for him and he felt overwhelming appreciation to them for his ultimate success."
S. Margey,  Huntington, NY

"Test prep does not get any better than this! SAT/ACT Sense greatly exceeded my expectations. My daughter’s composite ACT score improved from a 25 to a 33 in just three months. Two months later, and with limited tutor time, her score increased again to a 34. Her team was able to quickly evaluate her areas of weakness and concentrated on improving those testing skills while continuing to remain focused on the comprehensive exam. Her tutors were knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, reliable, flexible and, overall, incredible! A home run!" C. Ford, Oyster Bay, NY

"We are so satisfied with the progress our daughter made from start to finish with SAT/ACT sense.  Your staff immediately identified her areas of weakness on the ACT and attacked them through both weekly tutoring lessons and practice exams. She quickly progressed from an initial score of 27 on the ACT to a composite score of 34 on her final attempt, with a super-score that falls in the 35-36 range.  I was also impressed with the ability to change up her Math tutor late in the game in order to give her a different perspective and “punch up” her score another few points. This proved to be a very successful tactical move on your part. 
We found each of the tutors to be knowledgeable, personable and easy to work with. In addition, we were impressed with the quality and reliability of your administrative operations, including scheduling, billing, practice test allocation, and the professionalism of your proctors."

J. McDonald, Garden City, NY

"Wow! We were hoping to focus our daughter and help her achieve her potential.  We like the flexibility of individual tutors with our busy family schedule.  Also personalized lessons use the time so efficiently.  We were so happy with her progress, and proud when her ACT score jumped from a 24 to a 34." 
Parents of Lauren, Manhasset, NY

"We just wanted to thank SAT/ACT Sense for a great job with Natalie! She really improved her Reading and English/Writing scores which is very hard to do going from the low 600's to the 700's in each category. We also thank you for your courtesy and professionalism: Always confirming appointments and being on time, providing actual tests for practice, making sure proper test taking rules and guidelines were followed, and following up with scores and taking a personal interest in Natalie's success."
Parents of Natalie, Garden City, NY

"I just wanted to write you and your team at SAT/ACT Sense a note to express our appreciation for the work and effort you put in to assist our family during this difficult time of college preparation. Your team of academic professionals has had a dramatic effect on our children’s SAT and ACT scores. I can say, without a doubt, that your team has enabled our children to gain entrance into colleges and universities that would have been unattainable without this tutoring and guidance. So far, three of our children have been admitted to their top choice schools with your team’s help and we thank you sincerely. 
Although our next child is only a freshman in high school, we plan on using your services for tutoring in her difficult subjects so she never falls behind in her studies. Before we know it, she will be actively engaged with your team preparing for college.

Thanks again for your concern and commitment to our children. It truly has made a difference."
Father K. Heneghan (Point Lookout, NY)

"SAT/ACT Sense made a huge difference in my daughters approach to achieving her goals for the SAT.  They have perfected the art of making every moment count when it comes to preparing for these tests.  She was challenged and supported in her efforts and it paid off with a big jump in her overall score.  We, as a family, highly commend this team of motivated professionals for a job well done."

Mother of Maggie F. (Lloyd Harbor, NY)

"My son was truly impressed with Steve’s expertise.  Steve motivated him to work hard and master the SAT (800 Critical Reading, 710 Writing).  Steve made him feel confident and inspired my son to push himself.  I am certain that there is no better prep for the English portion of the SAT, and that every dollar was well spent."
Mother of Jack, (Port Washington, NY)  

"Working with Steve resulted in a huge improvement in my score.  There was not single vocab word that Steve did not know, and he gave me a great methodology to learn the vocabulary myself."
Jack D (Port Washington, NY)

"When we began our son's ACT preparation, he scored a 21 on his composite score. However, after working with SAT/ACT Sense for a just few months, he was able to increase his composite score by 9 points and bring his score up to a 30!  The service was impeccable: daily assignments to make sure we, the parents, were aware of what our son was accountable for regarding homework, which helped us stay on top of our son’s efforts and progress.
In addition, we were also able to schedule lessons via Skype, which was very accommodating because our son has a very busy schedule. Also, taking multiple simulated ACT tests helped build his endurance and really gave him a good perspective about time management. One of the tutors even set up phone calls with my son to review his notes for no extra charge. The service went above our expectations. I would definitely recommend SAT/ACT Sense to any parent whose son or daughter is preparing for the ACT or SAT."
Father of Matt K. (Deerfield. MA)


"When I first took the grammar portion, it was Greek to me. I saw no rhyme or reason in how the rules worked and even when I studied with a retired English professor, it was still incomprehensible. But when I signed up for SAT/ACT Sense, it all clicked into place. My tutor was helpful, engaging, and informative. Over the course of many Sundays, my tutor taught me the rules of grammar, helped me make my essays more concise, and taught me tricks to master the Grammar section. When I took the SAT for the second time, I was shocked by my score. I went from a 500 to an 800. You can't get
any better than that. "

"As the parents of nine children, we are always looking for the right service to help our kids identify and get accepted into the college or university of their choice. We realize that it is up to our child to put in the effort and commitment required but that the mentoring and tutoring they receive plays a big part in the process. We have tried many such services as Keira is now our sixth child to go off to college. We can honestly say that the SAT/ACT Sense program is outstanding. From the initial consultation, the structured practice tests and the many hours of tutoring, all aspects of SAT/ACT Sense were professional and instrumental in helping Keira get into her college choice. We very much appreciate the thoroughness of the SAT/ACT Sense process, the quality of the tutors, and the commitment they have to set and achieve established goals. We plan to use them going forward and highly endorse their program." 
Father of Keira H. (Kellenberg Memorial HS)   Accepted into the University of Notre Dame.

"At first the SAT seemed impossible. I couldn’t finish any of the sections and was really struggling with the reading and writing sections. My first diagnostic test scored a 1650, but SAT/ACT Sense helped me with everything. My tutor pinpointed each of my weaknesses and helped me to overcome them. When I took the test, I felt confident that I had been well prepared by my lessons. When I saw my score, I was speechless. My score had ascended a total of 540 points to a 2190. My writing section went from a 510 on the diagnostic to a 790 on the actual test. I owe my success completely to SAT/ACT Sense, which gave me the tools and guidance I needed to achieve a high score on the SAT."
Alan D  (Manhasset, NY)

"SAT/ACT Sense helped me to overcome my test anxieties and time management issues which other tutors and test prep companies could not do. I started at with a 510 on my critical reading and they helped me bring my score up to 650 in just a few months. Most importantly the tutor helped me understand how to take the test and how to eliminate many wrong answers, which put me in a better position to answer the question correctly, especially in the reading comprehension section. I loved the fact that SAT/ACT Sense had proctors who would come to my home and administer a private SAT Test for me. This really helped me get comfortable with the test.”
AJ S. (Manhasset, NY ) Accepted into Tufts College

“I needed a tutor who could focus on just the ACT English section. My reading, math, and science scores were great but I couldn’t crack a 30 on the English. I raised my English score from a 26 to 33 in just a few lessons. SAT/ACT Sense helped me focus on the areas where I was losing the most points and worked with me to help overcome my areas of weakness and tailor a program that would eventually help me get accepted into Princeton.”
Elizabeth H. (Manhasset, NY) Accepted into Princeton University

“We first enrolled Michael in a big name test prep company at our school but quickly realized that he was not getting any value out of the class. He started off by taking the SAT but his scores were not strong. Then SAT/ACT Sense helped him focus on the ACT. He started out with a 20 on his Diagnostic Test but brought his composite up to a 25 on the official ACT test. The tutors were very accommodating in regards to scheduling and sometimes would stay an extra hour to review material with my son without charging. The tutors were first class and committed beyond our expectations.”
Mother of Michael G. (St. Mary’s HS) Accepted into Marist College

“We needed someone who could work around an athlete’s schedule and provide a no-nonsense approach in making sure my daughter would complete all the work before the tutors arrived. SAT/ACT Sense did a great job in not only preparing her for the test but helping her understand the concept of time-management and become a better test taker. She started out with a 1620 and brought her score up to 1900. What I liked most about SAT/ACT Sense is that the tutor would sit down with me after the lesson and basically review with me how my daughter was progressing. The tutor would spend an extra 30 minutes sometimes just explaining to me and my daughter what we needed to do as a family to help her maximize her scores. As a parent, I was extremely impressed with the personalized feedback during and after the lesson.”
Mother of Paige L. (Garden City, NY) Accepted into Davidson College

“SAT/ACT Sense helped Gabby crack a 700 across the board, which eventually played an integral role in her being the first child in our family to attend an Ivy League School. Before we even started, the tutor came to our home and provided a free demo lesson to make sure we were comfortable with his teaching style and we established a good rapport right at the onset. Each tutor customized a program to help Gabby tackle the specific areas she was weak on. In addition, the tutor also helped my daughter with her college essays. Thanks again for helping Gabby to become the first in our family to get into an Ivy League School.”
Mother of Gabby F. (Sachem HS East) Accepted into Cornell University

“I started preparing for my SAT as a rising junior because my schedule was so busy during the school year. I wanted to prepare for the test during the summer to get a head start for the December test. I had discussed with my tutors my test goals and what I needed to reach a combined score of 1900. Not only did the tutors spend countless hours in helping reach my goals but I actually surpassed my target score and scored a combined 2060.”
Taylor L. (Manhasset HS)

“My son didn’t know whether to focus on either the SAT or ACT before he started his test preparation. After our demo lesson, we were advised that the ACT would be a better fit for him based on his skill set which allowed us to concentrate on just the ACT. As a result of 4 months of preparation, he scored a 34 composite and only had to take the test once. In addition, this score helped him to receive a significant scholarship.”
Father of Jared B. (Syosset HS) Accepted into Steven’s Institute of Technology

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